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Talkin Walkin; Time to focus.

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. (Oh no! I've gone all Julie Andrews).

Some years ago, 15 maybe more, when I had a real job, I was interviewing for a P.A. In my world this was a position specifically designed to enable me to work less while achieving more. A young graduate walked into my office for an interview, she got the job, then we did the interview. The candidate was moving to Cornwall to be with her partner, later to become her husband. This new member of the team was Emma.

Little did we know how fate had planned our futures. The path Tricia and I find ourselves on is a very similar path to that which Emma and her husband Marty trod. Marty passed away almost exactly 6 years ago. He was 34.

Emma has a special friendship with us both.

So why are we talkin' walkin'? Before my unpleasant diagnosis Tricia and I were walking almost daily as were many people during lockdown. Then wallop! my walking stopped (even the treadmill went quiet). We were just trying to make sense of the situation. During these early days I contacted Emma for her to hear the news from me directly. She came over for lunch. We talked and talked and talked. You all know a problem shared is a problem halved. Well here's some proof. I definitely found a bit more inner peace.

She invited me for lunch after which we walked on the Goss Moor National Nature Reserve. Lovely place, lovely company. But my poor feet. A side effect of my treatment is B.S.F. (A technical term for Bleddy Sore feet). A bit like B.S.A. But that's an old motorbike. I resolved to get better footwear.

We returned the favour and invited Emma to lunch which turned into another walk and picnic. This time I had some better footwear. My feet were OK.

Now, I knew Emma had devised a 5 mile walk around the Gannel over Newquay way in order to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK. The dates were set, I wanted to go, but co-incidentally the NHS had already offered me some invitations I just couldn't decline.

So by looking at my schedule, the phases of the moon, getting the tarot cards out, checking the alignments of the planets and casting the runes, the 15th of this month is almost very favourable. The tides are right, my blood test is early. My consultant consultation is by phone at 10:30. So unbeknownst to her she's coming along too.

So while I still have hair and my feet have no blisters i intend to walk these 5 miles. For real money I'm asking you to run the gauntlet, observe social distancing, donate a tenner and join me. Follow this link or simply give the banker (Tricia) some folding money and she'll make a transaction for you. What could be easier?

This is where you need to focus.

The actual details are.......

Set aside some time on the 15th of October. Yes I know its a Thursday but it's the only day I'm not in having treatment when the tides are right. Meet at 10am at the Beachcomber Café car park (for satnav use TR8 5RN ) just before you get to the National Trust car park at Crantock. It's cheaper unless you're a NT member of course.

The route details are here but I'll bring along some maps.

There'll be tea and toilets en-route (must be getting old). And The Old Albion Inn or the Beachcomber café at the end. What could be better?

And if you're not able to attend, but have the time, just take a walk wherever you are and still donate. Remote walking is already promised at Virginia Water in Surrey and Bondi Beach in the Antipodes.

I cordially invite you to attend.

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Juliet French
Juliet French
04 oct 2020

Happy to donate as we amble across the bridge and around the castle at Tintagel !! (With you in mind if not in body that day!!) x

Me gusta
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