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Talking Walking and Culling Contacts

My poor feet. They’re giving me gyp today. Just saying .

I’ve been thinking about anti-vaxxers and Facebook culling. Right wing armchair irritants and Facebook culling. Leftie armchair irritants and further culling. Facebook culling in general. Mark Zuckerberg tells me I’ve got almost 300 friends. Mark, clearly you know nothing. Nobody has that many friends. Do the research, find out what a friend really is and stop being silly. Anyway 300? I can easily afford to cull a few.

In my head it goes like this.

Because of covid I've been denied the opportunity to be involved in drug trials. These drug trials sometimes are really beneficial to the recipient. After all what’s the worst that can happen to me? I take an antiviral pill every morning and every evening. I haven’t a clue about the testing and clinical trials that this particular medication has been subjected to but what I can tell you is it works. The painful condition it’s used to treat has been completely brought under control.

So you anti-vaxxers, I think the trials or lack of trials and testing that you seem to whinge on about have been successful about 33million times. It’s ok you can all shut-up now. But no, you can’t shut up because you’ve found a voice, a quasi religion.

Here’s a little piece from the Lancet that helps sum up the anti-vax ‘cult’ (long words mind you!)

Anyway a few side effects, even if they’re deadly is preferable to the massive problems covid has and continues to cause. You want side effects......I can tell you about side effects.

Anyway when I see any of those dreary old arguments paraded yet again, as if true, on social media I let my fingers do the walking and delete or block at the source as well as I can. The same goes for other nonsense. I recently stumbled across a post that said the Union Flag (Jack) should be flown over all British schools. Balderdash........delete. Here’s an interesting fact for all the xenophobes out there. No law has ever been passed officially making the Union Flag (Jack) the national flag of the United Kingdom. And as for the old national service chestnut. What total nonsense, get a grip!

And I’ve not started on ..... for those who are you bored, stuck on furlough, let’s don our masks and have a riot.

Never mind, let’s worry about Boris' wallpaper instead.

Tricia said I’m a bit stroppy at the moment. Maybe she's right........I don’t think so!

In the meantime I’m planning a walk. I’m pretty sure I can manage it although for the last couple of days it would have been completely out of the question. I’m hoping to do it on the 6th May from Kingswood to Pentewan starting at 10am. It starts at Kingswood carpark. To get to the carpark drive to London Apprentice, on the St Austell to Mevagissey road, turn left just past Kingswood Restaurant. You’ll see a few parked cars, don’t stop, keep going along the lane to the next car park.

Kingswood to Pentewan is only 1½ miles. I reckon I can do at least one way if not both.

Let’s see!

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