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Tetchy Again.

I've had a lack of sleep but I’ve been thinking.

I know things aren’t quite normal at the moment but I can't help thinking that some people with money effectively make some people without money homeless and ultimately, on average, die relatively young.

If I had money to invest in something I probably wouldn’t, for instance, invest in Nestlé. Did you know Nestlé is subject to the world's longest running boycott for the irresponsible marketing of baby milk to mothers in the developing world. The company has also been criticised for a number of other business practices including the use of unsustainable palm oil and genetically modified ingredients in its foods. So to me it would be a morally unethical investment. Let’s think about another morally unethical investment.

How about Arconic? There's a dodgy investment opportunity. They’re the company that made the cladding panels used on Grenfell Tower, who knew in 2011 they were “not suitable for use on building facades” and performed worse in fire tests than declared on safety certificates. If I had the money, should I invest in a second home in Cornwall?, further reducing the useable housing stock. That can’t possibly be morally unethical, can it?

Well that’s Nestlé, Arconic and Second homes making up my morally unethical triptych.

See, does my head ever stop? There’s more.....

How about big organisations paying their staff as little as they can. Luckily for much of my working life I was paid a reasonable salary. But I’ve also worked for companies that while purporting to support, even prop-up the local economy, continue to pay very poor wages. It's this sort of business ethic that seems to do nothing other than promulgate a low wage economy. Very helpful!

Combine the two and you end up with a perfect social storm. Enough housing stock to put a roof over the head of everyone who needs one yet allow vast numbers of houses to stand empty for much of the year while good affordable accommodation is a thing of dreams and for some, rents are simply unaffordable. At least we’re not burning empty houses.........yet!

Just saying.

Then I find myself listening to the whinging, argumentative, balderdash peddled by the likes of Good Morning Britain that thinks the NHS staff should have had the £2.6 million that the government spent on it's newly styled briefing room. Well I’ve just worked it out, saves you doing it. In September last year the NHS employed 1,164,729 full time equivalent staff. So are the trouble makers at Good Morning Britain suggesting the NHS staff would be happy to have a further wage rise of a ha’penny a day? Why am I sucked into listening to these rabble-rousers. (Correct terminology). Sometimes it's just a bit insulting.

I need to vent this pent up frustration. I’m bored with staying in. I need an excuse to get out and mingle. I’ll find a worthy cause, travel to London and have a Peace Riot!

That’s better, rant over. I didn’t have a great nights sleep on Monday night.. I was up just before 4am, my first Apple cake was out of the oven by 6.30am, two Carrot cakes by 10am. But today is different, I was still asleep still at 6.30 and I’m grabbing a coffee at Charlestown at 10am.

That’s lack of sleeping for you.

Makes me a bit tetchy...........

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17 thg 3, 2021

Coffee and company was excellent. We're back there 10.30 tomorrow...... probably. Not quite as tetchy now.😄😄


Juliet French
Juliet French
17 thg 3, 2021

You "tetch" away if you want too Neil!!!!

Hope the Charlestown coffee didn't itch the "tetch" and was enjoyable?


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