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The Mild Bunch

A few things are happening today. The noteworthy are;

We’re travelling home from our break away in Totnes. I think it was quite a successful trip albeit we decided to be away on my darkest days. My theory was a change of scenery might do me good. .....a change of scenery done me good.

I’m also having a discussion with my consultant today about starting to manage my treatment in a slightly different way providing me with breaks. I don’t really understand the trade offs yet. Watch this space.

The latest project completes today. I'm delighted to report a mega delivery is happening this afternoon. My PPE has been sourced, hat, coat, shoes, hand protection and leg protection. Only one item is mandatory of which I have 3 anyway.

The weekend is gonna be totally Mild!

Reckon you know what it is? Answers on a postcard to..............

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