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Three things.

Thing one.

In the autumn of 2017 I weighed 15st 6lb. My waist was a tight 38in and I had just been diagnosed with bowel cancer. In the intervening time I have stopped eating meat (I still eat fish), learnt to swim, exercise much more and set a weight target. This morning I exercised, showered and before breakfast I weighed myself. I'm now the fittest I have been in many years, have a 34in waist and have achieved my target weight of 13st. It's the lightest I've been for many years. Sadly it's quite possibly also the the heaviest I'll ever be again.

Thing two.

For two days we have had quite a number of visitors. Each time we have been asked and each time we have said yes. We are both physically and emotionally wiped out. We need to learn to say "Sorry not today"

Thing three.

If our kitchen seems perfectly good (see above) why did I rip out three units today? Well that's because I desperately need a project. So I'm fitting a new kitchen, moving the utility room into the garage and creating a wet room. "Why?" I hear you gasp, I answer "Why not?". We've been planning it for ages, got our budget sorted and it's the last major job I want to do on the house. So for all of you who say "if there's anything we can do" I might just say "Can you fit a kitchen?

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