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Time for Contemplation

Contemplation; something I do, maybe a bit too frequently.

This morning (Friday) I’ve woken up contemplating my feet after walking 3.18 miles yesterday. They feel no different to how they felt yesterday morning. They don’t feel very comfortable but no worse. That’s a good thing.

The walk was from Kingswood to Pentewan. I downloaded the walk details from “iWalk Cornwall” I think most of us had at sometime walked or cycled this route but few, if any, had followed these particular directions. Well done iWalk Cornwall. Another great walk.

Two notable things happened on this walk. The second was many of us stopped in a new café at the end of the walk, I recommend the coffee. Perhaps all my walks should start and finish at a café. The first notable thing was I had a productive conversation with Ange (Dr Angela Irving) a member of the oncology team at RCH Treliske. Between us we decided on a further week’s break in my treatment to give me a bit more recovery time and another week of “quality” days.

Something else I’ve been contemplating of late is; Good Days v Bad Days. The reason I’m happy to undergo what seems like a brutal amount of chemotherapy is to gain some quality time and some extra time. Generally when we undergo treatment there’s a period of treatment after which we are well again. A bit of healing. I think, somewhere in my subconscious, I expected the chemo to stop and my quality time to begin. Not so. My quality time has to be gleaned from the days between treatments. So it seems my quality days are actually my least worst days. Contemplate that!

When you’re walking with old friends the conversation has few boundaries. We can discuss freely whatever we want without the risk of the modern curse of causing offence. If the things I say cause offence then you can use the ultimate sanction, stop reading. Anyway we were discussing the over representation of LBGTQIA+, yes it's actually an initialism. I could use the initialism LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) Aaaaaaagh! Enough! (What’s ally?)

Let’s start again. We were discussing the over representation of gay people on the BBC. At least that’s what it seems like to us. Anyway the discussion caused me to contemplate this. Imagine the BBC wanting to make a show about a Cornish man living in St Austell, in his 60s with some kind of terminal illness who probably spends too much time writing his blog. They stumble across me, an almost perfect candidate. They ask a few questions then reject me. Why? Because of my sexual orientation. I don’t fit into the BBC's criteria of positive discrimination. I’m not one of the 2.5% of men in the UK who identify as LGB or should that be LGBTTQQIAAP.

However the BBC doesn’t appear to be strong on maths. I think they've misunderstood the decimal point. Other TV companies are available but they’re not funded by me. Why the bias? I haven't got a clue but of course I can use the ultimate sanction. Now where's the off button.

Still reading? good.

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