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To Absent Friends

Hello dear readers. It's been a week since we said our final goodbyes/partied in Neil's honour. We wanted to say a massive thank you to all who attended in their brightest attire or sent us their well wishes. In what was a very hard day, we also had a lovely time safe in the knowledge that the day simply was, what Neil would have wanted. He would have loved it! There was so much love in that room.

Sadly, many of the guest list tested positive with Covid-19 on the day of Neil's celebration and many others couldn't make it for reasons such in Australia. So, we thought we'd share the tributes that were sneakily filmed on the day (much to my horror!)

Special thanks to Carol who guided us through the afternoon's proceedings in a fabulous yellow jacket!

Speaking of the sock bunting...we only took 5 home so thanks for being as weird as us in taking one or two of the many, MANY loud socks Neil owned.

Next up was Richard who was able to give us an insight into Neil's whole life as his older brother.

Then Mark kept his cool through some technical difficulties and really told us a few tales as a close friend of Neil's.

Neil's (and Mum's) dear friend Marylin is enjoying being with her son and family in Melbourne but lucky for us she found the time to write a tribute to Neil and her lovely daughter Carolyne was honoured to read it for us.

Then I managed to somehow get through my tribute, there was so much more to say but I'll continue to tell stories about Neil for a lifetime.

Carol gave us some time to take a breath and think of Neil...

...before Mum raised the roof with an awesome poem that truly could have been written by the man himself!

Hats off to Mum for such a perfect way to kick off the party that Neil planned to perfection.

We miss you king of parties! We love you always.

Lauren x

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1 Comment

Pat Davenport
Pat Davenport
Feb 11, 2022

Glad it went well... thoughts are still with you xxx

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