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Tricia again.....

Quick update for you all......things are moving on a pace now and carers have started today calling in twice a day to help out. I gave Neil his 1st dose of morphine on Sunday as he's now in quite a bit of pain (I suspect a lot more than he's letting on) and he's having regular doses to help keep him as comfortable as we can. He's no longer making it downstairs for meals and has them all in bed (but at least he's still eating and drinking a bit, for now)

All notifications, alerts, ringtone etc are now switched off on my phone as I'm spending as much time as I can just sitting in his room with him while he sleeps. I'm finding it increasingly hard to reply to everyone so if I don't reply to you please don't think I'm not bothered, I'm just wiped out!

I'm really grateful for all your offers of help and support....hard to ask for anything, as we're just having to take each day as it ever changing picture.

I will try to keep this blog updated.....

Much love to everyone ❤

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