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Walking in the Rain? I think so!

The problem is if I don't walk how can I hope anyone will walk!

My prediction for next Thursday is moist and windy. The weather forecast isn't much different.

I think I may have stumbled upon a kind of Pygmalion Effect. If you believe it'll happen it will. If I say it often enough people will turn up. My good pal Kevin (Costner) said to me "If you build it they will come" that may be the case Kev, but let's see if you turn up mate!

But what if it rains? Well, we live in Cornwall, its Autumn what do you expect. Sooner of later, if I walk on alternate Thursdays we'll have to break out the wet weather gear and test our metal.

Walking in the rain is only challenging before you get wet anyway.

So, don't be a wimpy kid. Meet me at Lerryn Carpark at 10am next Thursday the 29th. Then on Friday you can rest /chill /go back to work / go shopping / have lunch out / visit family. (delete as appropriate). Me, I'll be having another dose of chemotherapy which conveniently reminds me to tell you why it's happening anyway. It's to raise a little awareness and money for Bowel Cancer UK.

You can support me in a few ways. Walk with me / donate some money / wait for a sunny day and walk then / donate some money (did I say that already?). Delete as appropriate.

Stick this in your sat nav PL22 0PT

Go here to donate.

Look at the walk here.

See you Thursday.

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