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What a Difference a Day Makes

This morning I woke up thinking "Today's gonna be a good day" well today's been a good, good day!

It all started yesterday when my pump was removed. Another trip to RCH Treliske for a change. Being freed of my pump was strangely liberating this time although I didn't feel too much like driving, Tricia drove home. Then lunch and a bit of fiddling around in the kitchen building site. I looked at the weather forecast with a view to bombing off in the motorhome next weekend and what did I notice? An excellent kayaking day today. So not without some effort (my fatigue is real), we loaded the car with the kayaks and all the attendant paraphernalia on the off chance I might feel up to a paddle this morning. Later I had a shower, went to bed and read some of that book. It did the trick.

Well what do you know? 7 1/2 hours sleep. The most for ages. Yippee! And I was feeling pretty good. Up at just before 6:30 for breakfast and on the water for 8:00. A good start. It may be because my main chemotherapy drug has been reduced in strength by 20%. I have a few more steroids to take. I have ITB drugs to take each day each day and for 7 days I have to take 1/4 of a Levomepromazine tablet, I have no idea what it does I just pop it in. Oh! I've just looked it up, grim reading, thankfully its only a 1/4 tablet. Probably why I'm feeling a whole lot happier.

So it's off with the kayaks. What a fantastic day. We bunged them in at Golant and paddled on the calmest, quietest river up to Lerryn. The tide was high and I mean HIGH. It's not often you can paddle along the street but at Lerryn we did!

We like to grab a coffee and a "treat" in Lerryn River Stores but we left all our loot almost 4 kilometres back down the river. So we supped our water, paddled back down the road and headed home.

The day was shaping up pretty good. Following a light lunch I finally crumpled into a heap and slept for 2 1/2 hours.

At 3ish I surfaced feeling slightly jaded but got it together enough to go off to buy a length of coving to patch in the kitchen ceiling. Tricia had gone to visit her mother. What I didn't know, while I was asleep, Tricia sent an email to the clothing company Joe Browns. Now a bit of background. I particularly like some of the bright, colourful shirts they produce. In fact I have 18. You may have noticed! I wore a different one for each chemo session last time. For the chemo sessions I'm now enduring I have added the blue and orange Joe Browns shoes and by chance yesterday I was also sporting a Joe Browns jacket. (On line shopping, easy peasy). Tricia took a photo and sent it to the company explaining that it might to be nice to receive a bit of good news. The resulting reply was touching. Apparently they like to occasionally engage in a "Random act of kindness". Choose a couple of couple of shirts and a couple of jackets, after all winter is coming, don't forget a pair of shoes. And for Tricia, get yourself a dress and dress up for a date night. WOW! Still I'd rather not have the chemo.

The good, good day went on. I ordered the kitchen units and appliances, ouch. Then for dinner we had Tapas-Style Eggs with Crispy Potatoes & Smoky Mayo. Eaten, I have to say, in the shed/summerhouse/pavillion. Bleddy delicious. While Trish was busy cooking I was busy patching in the coving. Don't worry I was in the building site kitchen and Trish was in the garage kitchen. Following dinner we mused over the Joe Browns website and made some selections. I cleaned up some of the mess in the kitchen then settled down to tell you all about our day.

All done, we're thinking Marazion at the weekend but I need to crack on with the kitchen for the rest of the week . No more gadding about for me. Well, we'll see.

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