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What a Difference a Day Makes

This morning I woke up thinking "Today's gonna be a good day" well today's been a good, good day!

It all started yesterday when my pump was removed. Another trip to RCH Treliske for a change. Being freed of my pump was strangely liberating this time although I didn't feel too much like driving, Tricia drove home. Then lunch and a bit of fiddling around in the kitchen building site. I looked at the weather forecast with a view to bombing off in the motorhome next weekend and what did I notice? An excellent kayaking day today. So not without some effort (my fatigue is real), we loaded the car with the kayaks and all the attendant paraphernalia on the off chance I might feel up to a paddle this morning. Later I had a shower, went to bed and read some of that book. It did the trick.

Well what do you know? 7 1/2 hours sleep. The most for ages. Yippee! And I was feeling pretty good. Up at just before 6:30 for breakfast and on the water for 8:00. A good start. It may be because my main chemotherapy drug has been reduced in strength by 20%. I have a few more steroids to take. I have ITB drugs to take each day each day and for 7 days I have to take 1/4 of a Levomepromazine tablet, I have no idea what it does I just pop it in. Oh! I've just looked it up, grim reading, thankfully its only a 1/4 tablet. Probably why I'm feeling a whole lot happier.

So it's off with the kayaks. What a fantastic day. We bunged them in at Golant and paddled on the calmest, quietest river up to Lerryn. The tide was high and I mean HIGH. It's not often you can paddle along the street but at Lerryn we did!

We like to grab a coffee and a "treat" in Lerryn River Stores but we left all our loot almost 4 kilometres back down the river. So we supped our water, paddled back down the road and headed home.

The day was shaping up pretty good. Following a light lunch I finally crumpled into a heap and slept for 2 1/2 hours.

At 3ish I surfaced feeling slightly jaded but got it together enough to go off to buy a length of coving to patch in the kitchen ceiling. Tricia had gone to visit her mother. What I didn't know, while I was asleep, Tricia sent an email to the clothing company Joe Browns. Now a bit of background. I particularly like some of the bright, colourful shirts they produce. In fact I have 18. You may have noticed! I wore a different one for each chemo session last time. For the chemo sessions I'm now enduring I have added the blue and orange Joe Browns shoes and by chance yesterday I was also sporting a Joe Browns jacket. (On line shopping, easy peasy). Tricia took a photo and sent it to the company explaining that it might to be nice to receive a bit of good news. The resulting reply was touching. Apparently they like to occasionally engage in a "Random act of kindness". Choose a couple of couple of shirts and a couple of jackets, after all winter is coming, don't forget a pair of shoes. And for Tricia, get yourself a dress and dress up for a date night. WOW! Still I'd rather not have the chemo.

The good, good day went on. I ordered the kitchen units and appliances, ouch. Then for dinner we had Tapas-Style Eggs with Crispy Potatoes & Smoky Mayo. Eaten, I have to say, in the shed/summerhouse/pavillion. Bleddy delicious. While Trish was busy cooking I was busy patching in the coving. Don't worry I was in the building site kitchen and Trish was in the garage kitchen. Following dinner we mused over the Joe Browns website and made some selections. I cleaned up some of the mess in the kitchen then settled down to tell you all about our day.

All done, we're thinking Marazion at the weekend but I need to crack on with the kitchen for the rest of the week . No more gadding about for me. Well, we'll see.

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Juliet French
Juliet French
Sep 22, 2020

⭐🌝⭐ xxxx


Sep 21, 2020

Great to read about your really good day Neil. Good stuff!


Helen Highland
Helen Highland
Sep 21, 2020

Love joe Brown glad your getting on as best as you both can. Positive thoughts and hugs my dears 💞💞😘😘

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