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Witter of the day 8/4/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Whitter of the day.

Yesterday, an interesting day . It started with weetabix. Something I hadn't had for breakfast since I was a child. I discovered it was OK if I crushed it up and mixed it with cold milk. I think lunch today might be another day of "I didn't think I'd be eating this". Then I converted the 7th sparkling wine bottle into a hanging geranium planter. Only 3 more to go.

At 10.50 Tricia set off to walk to her mother's and I decided to join her. We cancelled coffee in the cul-de-sac and ventured out. 1.8 miles later (with a break half way). I arrived home very pleased with myself. Another step along my path to recovery. Another walk today maybe.

Lunch, a fish finger sandwich. Another visit to my youth, yummy. Then into the garden, or more accurately the structure at the top of the garden variously referred to as the shed in the winter or the summer house in the summer or sometimes, when we have guests the pavilion. For those of you that are unfamiliar with our garden the shed is in an elevated, west facing situation, which catches the last vestiges of the evening sun. Some years ago I made the side of the shed into a pair of doors that can be opened allowing us to relax with glass of something to watch the sun set.

Throughout the winter the shed becomes a bit of a dumping ground so as usual it needed a total spring clean. Adjoining the now newly tidied and renamed summer house is the tool shed. A job for another day.

So, by the time we had our dinner, jacket potato and cauliflower cheese from the freezer, I was feeling quite pleased with myself.

So to recap. I'm eating well, keeping busy, social distancing, exercising, only leaving the house to infrequently buy groceries or visit a vulnerable relative. I use tech to keep in touch with my family. My operation was 5 weeks and one day ago. I've been healing well, lifting little, resting lots, the operation was straightforward, albeit awkward. I needed no follow up treatment, no horrible chemotherapy and after 6 weeks I should be, other than ongoing weakness around the area of surgery, well on the way to a full recovery. Happy days.

So I'm really disappointed to be informed, last night, by text message, the following.

NHS Coronavirus Service: Your condition means you are at high risk of severe illness if you catch Coronavirus. Please remain at home for 12 weeks unless a healthcare professional tells you to leave. You will get a letter from the NHS to confirm this.

Bleddy Hell! Have I completely misjudged my level of vulnerability? Should I now self isolate? Move into a separate bedroom? Not leave the house? Listen to Joe Wicks? Get my fresh air by an open window? Abandon coffee in the cul-de-sac?

Or shall I carry on as I have been?

I thought I was taking the risk pretty seriously already.

I think a day of quiet contemplation is required.


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