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"Worst day ever "

Let me explain..........

We are hurtling towards the 2 year anniversary of the entry in my diary "Worst day ever 😞 " which was on the 11th August 2020.

Neil had his 2nd cancer tumour removal operation on 2nd March 2020.

On the day he came home from hospital he started recording his feelings on Facebook.

Lauren (who was living in Australia at the time reading his FB posts) thought it would be a good idea for Neil to write a blog. She started him up a website on the 1st August 2020 and so it began.......

The "Worst day ever 😞 " entry in my diary was the day I was called in to meet Neil's consultant with him to be given the horrific news that Neil's cancer was terminal and any treatment would just prolong his cure 😢

I remember being struck dumb and for those of you who know me. that's no mean feat!! Caroline (Neil's consultant) looked at me and asked if I'd like a cup of tea!! (what a horrible part of her job having to deliver such bad news) anyway I declined because, to be honest, I just wanted to get us back home where we could process this information (along with lots of tears and alcohol!!)

I've been back over Neil's FB history and found his early ramblings which I now intend to publish as Blogs so they are all in one place, so please don't be alarmed when Neil's FB page suddenly becomes active's only me!!!

The 1st one is called "Day 5" (his 1st day home from hospital)

Also......I've had a bronze memorial leaf dedicated to Neil installed in the Rainforest biome at the Eden Project ......if you're visiting any time, see if you can find it.......

I miss him.....

Toodle pip!!

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