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Zulu Time Zone

Just in case you're asking, what's he going on about now? What's Zulu Time Zone? Apparently in real speak that's 2 o'clock in the afternoon and tomorrow at 2 o'clock in the afternoon I get to spend some quality time with Dr Parnell.

Now, as I may have mentioned before, Dr Parnell is a Clinical Oncologist and her job is to organise the best treatment for my condition. I'm a bit unsure about what my "condition" actually is so I'm hoping for some clarity. What I do know is I have a nodule on my liver that will require some kind of chemotherapy.

I have some experience of the dreaded chemo and I think I'm qualified to tell you the last time I experienced it it was pretty awful. Hmmmmm, I think I can do better than that IT WAS HORRENDOUS!!!!

I can explain about peripheral neuropathy (not nice), cumulative toxicity (also not nice) but I'm not going to....... Then there was the constantly feeling sick (well, not constantly just whenever I ate for about 3 months), fatigue, oh the fatigue, there's an essay in the making on me feeling completely knackered, so tired I actually became a bit scared of the stairs.

This time it'll be different for sure. It may be better, it may be worse. I'll keep you posted.

Just in case you're wondering, and if you don't know already, it's me in the picture, drinking coffee whilst bobbing around on the River Fowey in my kayak. I've been sampling retirement whilst on furlough, and I like it. So this week (or next at the latest) I expect formal notification of the cessation of my employ with the Eden Project. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 7 years connected with this awesome community but under the present circumstances I think it's best for me to move on. Unfortunately actual retirement is still in the planning stage because when I'm released from my duties at Eden I start my duties at Woodcut. No rest for the wicked. And like Eden, when I last dealt with the impact of chemo, Woodcut has also offered me complete flexibility. Well it is family after all.

So tomorrow I'll hopefully get a few answers like; What's wrong with me? How crappy will chemo be? Will I need any other treatment? What extra precautions will I need to take because of Covid? Does it hurt when they shove a stick up your nose to do the covid test? Will my hair drop out? (It didn't last time). No doubt there'll be more questions and more information to retain. I intend making notes and if at all possible recording the meeting. Then with any luck I'll start letting you all know the score.

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11 aug. 2020

Neil, I am floored, I am struggling to deal with my emotions. I can’t begin to understand how you feel.

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