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A morning to savour

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

The tide is just right. The wind is just light. The sun is just bright. Let's load the kayaks and get out on the water. Right? Right!

After my busy day yesterday driving part way around the M25 before heading home. I decided a morning on the water was a great plan. One of our favourite trips is from Golant to Lerryn. Today we hit it just right. The weather was just perfect. Tomorrow and Sunday are both looking good so we might just go out again on both days. Depending on what happens on Tuesday it may be some time before I can get out again. At least covid isn't an issue on the water, in a kayak. Today I decided to do a bit of litter picking. It was surprising how quickly I found some rubbish but having said that there wasn't very much around.

I'm now sitting outside Tricia's mum's house waiting to get home for some lunch. Then it's sun and hot tub for the afternoon before getting on with the gym equipment refurb.

Clearly keeping myself distracted.

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Great to be able to share the kayaking together.

Me gusta
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