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  • Neil

Coffee Machine. Little or Large?

I could spend the rest of my life living vicariously cruising social media, waiting for something to happen or I could organise myself using the tool that social media can be and live far more in the moment exploring living first hand. These thoughts arrived whilst thinking about coffee.

I have a little one person coffee machine. Fill it with water and the required amount of ground coffee, press a little button on the side and voila! a cup of coffee appears. The process takes about 5 minutes. Tricia rarely drinks coffee so a one cup machine suits us well but when someone pops in for a coffee we usually resort to instant coffee as 5 minutes is a long time to make a visitor wait for coffee. Imagine a few people dropping in.....

I’ll get back to the coffee topic in a minute.

I know it’s not easy to imagine on a hot sunny day but as I start this post it’s only 194 days until Christmas. At Christmas (unfortunately probably not for me) some of us get carried away in the great, retail driven, Christmas frenzy. Many will buy food that’ll be thrown away or not eaten until Easter, spend far too much on far too much junk, kids will often revel in the cardboard boxes rather than their contents and by the following year we will have completely forgotten who gave us what and even forgotten what the what was. The vast majority may not know why Christmas is always spelled with a capital 'C' or the origins of those quaint old Christmas songs.

What surprises me and what loads of us do is add stress to a potentially stressful time of year by committing to seeing people “before Christmas". We find ourselves saying “I'll see you before Christmas” or deciding to decorate the lounge the second week of December “It’s ok I’ll have it done before Christmas”. People you’ve not seen since last Christmas you must see “before Christmas”. Well I feel a little bit like that. Some people, it seems, must see me “Before........well Christmas it’s not! I’ve clearly started the whole gruesome thing by deciding to be so public about my demise but I’m constantly fascinated by peoples reactions.

Don’t misinterpret me here, I love seeing people. So much so that it seems socially conducive, for me anyway, to see people en masse. Take Saturday as a prime example. 3 friends of Lauren, and by extension, 3 friends of mine asked if they could come to visit. I was delighted. They all arrived at the same time. Now this is a good use of my time. Instead of 3 friends = 3 visits it was 3 friends = 1 longer 10am visit. But what if, like me, they all wanted a coffee? It’s one thing seeing friends en masse but perhaps I need to think of doing a bit of hospitality en masse.