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Rock Maze

Day 7 8/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Day 7

I have a headache, it's 4.30am I'm wide awake. I don't suppose anything's going to be normal for a while.

The last time we spoke I was telling you about driving over our potholed roads and how I seemed to be slightly more attuned to the sorry state of our road surfaces.

Well we arrived home without incident,me hugging a pillow to my tummy the whole way. Got out of the car and really shuffled up the drive, then up two mountainous steps into the house. Finally home after 5 days and seemingly ageing 5 years.

Flowers.....but before I talk about flowers lets remind ourselves about Tricia.

Now I have the luxury of subjecting you all, and if you're still reading I mean you, to my meandering drivel. Tricia does not have eyesight anywhere near good enough to put anything on Facebook (notice the absence of her posts and comments). I can chart my progress back to full health something we can only hope for with Tricia's eyesight. She may be able to read this if she supersizes the font and sometimes holds a magnifying glass over the top as well, but it's very tiring. I have a blip in my life, her life is changing. Her mobile phone is almost unusable for her yet she still gets texts asking how I am. Got the picture?

So back to flowers. I walk in the house. Make my way to the first chair that I can manage to get in and out of and instantly feel very, very sick. It's the smell of flowers. It's returned, my super sensitive olfactory induced nausea. Great, another thing to deal with and it works with perfume, soap, shower gel, frying bacon, garlic, chillies..........actually frying garlic and chillies is almost immediately vomit inducing. Thankfully as my tummy settles it'll go away.

So today's first learning points;

1. If you visit don't bring flowers (actually if you visit bring paracetamol, we have both been prescribed max dose every day for a while)

2. If you need to contact Tricia, contact me.

Before I forget and I try to get a bit more sleep (it's now 05:18) I want to discuss the merits of books within reaching distance of the toilet. My visits, not atypical of people who have abdominal upheaval in sure, are unpredictable both in satisfaction and time. A good book is a godsend. At the moment I'm finding "Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?: And 101 Other Intriguing Science Questions (Newscientist)" very enlightening. Of course I'm now looking for books with pages that are triple layer, double quilted with a hint of aloe Vera (unscented).

More to follow by way of an edit later this morning.

At least the headache seems a bit better.


The background headache is back.

I've made some notes of things to talk about over the coming days.

Today I'll talk about my lovely Garmin vivoactive3 smart watch I bought to track my walking activities. I thought it would be a bit of fun to check out my sleep patterns while in hospital and to compare things like heart rate with the hospital machines.

Learning point;

3. A Garmin vivoactive3 is not a suitable medical instrument

Anyway I did this for 5 days and watched my progress with some interest. However being a sports watch it has a silicone strap. 5 hot sweaty days and ouch my wrist is red and sore.

Learning point;

4. A Garmin vivoactive3 is not a suitable medical instrument.

Watch out the eBay devil has arrived. Let's look for alternative Garmin vivoactive3 straps, a coffee grinder, a new set of saucepans, a little kneading tool for our Kenwood magimix, a book of stellplatz in Germany............................

Enough for today

One topic for tomorrow, amongst other ramblings, is either mucinous neoplast or bubbles in my wee. Any preferences?


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