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Diary Date and Ameliorate.

After a few days of a blog break here's a quick update of what's been exercising the space in my head, which for the last almost 3 weeks has been overwhelmed with my prognosis.

Project kitchen is coming along nicely. Without a doubt the most exasperating part of having a new kitchen is what to do with all the stuff, including the huge china, willow pattern platter that was a wedding present (1st time) from my Aunt Marion. Adding to the clutter issue I thought it was important to also remove the kitchen sink (and all this just a few days before I start a course of chemotherapy).

After some free thinking I knew how to ameliorate the situation. I decided we need to sell the Mazda MX5. (For any interested parties it's on the forecourt of Evely's Classic Garage at Trewoon, thanks Paul). This frees up garage space for phase 1.

Phase 1 is to install the old kitchen units in the garage offering a temporary kitchen. This phase is complete. Actually this temporary kitchen is bigger than most normal kitchens.

Phase 2. Preparing the old kitchen (creating a blank canvas) before installing the new units. This phase includes the removal of the final parts of the old kitchen, selling the gas/electric range oven with matching splash back and extractor good, hacking tiles off the walls, building a false wall, lifting the floor to feed services to the proposed wet room, rebuilding the floor and completing the existing laminate floor covering. Phase 2 is ongoing.

By breaking the project into distinct phases means it's possible for me to enter a go slow period if I need to.

In the meantime we decided to sort out our motorhome ready to become our motor convalescence home. It needed a new part for the combi boiler. (££££ Ouch). The last time I had chemo we used it a few times when I felt up to it. This time we intend to use it as much as possible. It seems that we can string a few days together just prior to each chemo session.

Have a glimpse into my diary, is a scary thing to do. Just 4 sleeps before my first chemo. On Friday 4th September (my late dad's birthday) leave home at 07:40. Attend the Headland Unit at RCH (Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske) at 08:40. Tricia has to deposit me at the front door and collect me some hours later. I have my chemo through a canula in my arm (significantly less convenient than using a port but you've had that debacle). I get sent home with a pump attached. On Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th I sit around allowing the pump to do it's thing for 46 hours. On Sunday 6th (sometime) the ambulance service comes to me to shove a Covid prod up my nose (again!). On Monday 7th (I think) I have the pump removed. On Tuesday 8th at 13:05, I have to be at my surgery for a blood test. On Wednesday 9th at 14:30 I'm back at RCH for my port insertion which will have hopefully healed enough for my next chemo session. On Thursday 10th at 11:00 I have my telephone appointment with my consultant then on the 16th at 11:00 it's chemo time again. I'm exhausted just writing it.

Yesterday I met up with some Eden colleagues at the Ship Inn at Par for a farewell drink before rushing home to bolt some dinner prior to watching a theatre group (Jam First Theatre) at Pinetum Gardens. Today we're having a walk with some of the fam at 10:00, try to get over to see the McEwan tribe and hoping make a vital trip to the dump. Oh! I almost forgot. We're having a tree root dug out sometime today as well. Tomorrow its lunch out. On Wednesday in the morning I'm taking Abbi to her surgery for her shoulder, post surgery check up. Then at 13:30 I have a telephone pre-assessment.

On Thursday I have NOTHING IN THE DIARY!

Why did I start the kitchen?

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Juliet French
Juliet French
31 अग॰ 2020

I'm exhausted just reading this! Thank goodness for next Thursday!! xx 😍

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