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Happy when I'm busy.

About 15 and a half years ago we had a delivery of 17 flat packed kitchen cabinets and a lot of the paraphernalia that goes along with fitting a kitchen. It's not a particularly large kitchen but our design required lots of small units. Just as I got my teeth into ripping out the tired old kitchen Tricia suffered a giant retinal tear. We put the new kitchen on hold. Tricia didn't work for 17 weeks. Of that time, for 2 weeks immediately after the operation, she was required to lie in bed in the same position (face down) with only a break for 5 minutes each hour. We needed to keep the house clean, keep dust to a minimum and spend a lot of time in Bristol Eye Infirmary.

That new kitchen was hard earned!

Time passed, again we find ourselves with a tired old kitchen but this time we've designed a kitchen with just 5 or 6 units.

Instead of a gas/electric range oven it's going to be an induction hob and eye level ovens. Instead of birch wood (coloured) doors and drawers it's going to be navy blue/indigo. Instead of a blue laminate worktop with a blue tile splash back the worktop will be a concrete resin with laminate splash back and floating shelves instead of wall cupboards. Just to add to the workload the plan is also to convert our integral garage into a utility room and our utility area and downstairs toilet into a wet-room. Who's doing all this? Me of course. Why? Because I'm happy when I'm busy.

Before I could do anything I needed to empty the under stairs cupboard, move the freezer, take part in a zoom meeting with Eden and join an international conference on data management of which Lauren was the anchor person.

Today (with some well timed help) I ran hot and cold water pipes to the new utility room and a waste pipe from the utility room. I re-routed the power cable that provides power to the outside (fun stuff like the summer house and hot tub) and ran in a power supply for the new wet room electric shower unit.

After lunch we found our new fridge/freezer, booked our motorhome in for some maintenance work, collected our vacuum cleaner from Abbi, got to the chemist for a prescription and later this evening we received our Tesco delivery. I still found time to be a miserable git for a while.

In between Tricia rustled up a fabulous Thai prawn curry, for lunch we shared a cheese and onion pasty and a vegetable pasty. Proper global cuisine here don't you know.

I was going to say "No time for a blog tonight" but instead you get this.

Why? Because I'm happy when I'm busy.

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