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Rock Maze
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Head for the Hills

Funny how your mind works. Yesterday, in the morning, I look out into the garden to see what the flag is doing. It's fluttering nicely, even lively. Perhaps it's safer to go for a walk rather than kayaking. So after breakfast Vicky and I head for the hills.

I fiddle with my Garmin Vivoactive 3 (in case you want to know) to log the route and gather some statistics. We set off, leave our cul-de-sac and turn left on to Phernissick Road at the end of which, at the top of Bucky Hill we hang a right.

Now back to the funny mind bit. I'm not sure I'm feeling quite right.

We walk on, over the roundabout and on towards Trethurgy. A couple hundred yards after the roundabout we take a footpath on the left which leads us to the Clay Trails. I'm still feeling a bit odd. We turn right on to the trail and push on, ever upwards. We walk around the southern end of Baal Pit and arrive at the base of a reclaimed clay tip. We tale a narrow path in a northerly direction which leads to a stone circle at the top. The views are spectacular. The whole of St Austell Bay is at our feet.

We're half way and I'm feeling no different still a bit peculiar. We trundle down, now heading west, towards Carn Grey Rock. We climb up onto the rock which leads to a sheer drop into a quarry below where there's usually someone fishing for carp. Today is no exception. I need to take extra care especially when descending the rock, I'm a bit wobbly.

We leave Carn Grey heading for home.

Our journey takes us past the Household waste and recycling centre. (Dump for short) it's 08:25. There are 16 cars and vans waiting. We crack on. Eventually arriving home in 1hr 13 mins after walking 3.37 miles.

We're home and I'm still feeling crappy. Is this my new normal? Are my walks going to start getting harder. Am I going to succumb so soon? I feel myself beginning to slide. I eat some food, a second breakfast, I have a shower. I'm beginning to feel better. If I over think things I'll go mad. I'm just a bit under the weather. Tomorrow I'll be fine, I am.

Later I continue with the installation of the utility room before saying goodbye to Vicky who I deposit at her mum's. Vicky had lunch with her mum before donning her mask and setting off an the train to Bristol. It was great having her down for the weekend. She got home safely late in the evening.

After a late lunchtime snack I try, unsuccessfully, to have a snooze before heading off to a BBQ at Fowey. The weather holds. The food is fabulous and the company is better. It's our supper club 10 of us get together to, you got it, eat. Last time we met was two weeks ago in our garden when I lit the wood fired pizza oven. Everyone brought pizzas and salads. A trifle even made an appearance. We were all around our big trestle table on our top decking and had a fine old time. The last get together before we knew my fate.

Yesterday the dynamic was different. It was great. No one pussy footed around me, my cancer was talked about as were many other topics. Soon after arriving we settled into our usual lively conversation and general irreverence. I got plenty of stuff to weave into my future blogs which they all, like you, read. I suppose, every now and then, when I write, you may think "that could be me he's on about". Well it could be. And in true irreverent style ........No! you can't have my shoes yet!

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