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How the Land Registry and Cornwall Council could be killing me.

You may, you may not be aware my brothers and I are selling our family home. Before you think “house in Cornwall, isn’t the value soaring?” I can assure you, it's not in this case. Our anticipation that the property would be challenging to sell has been proven. When I say challenging I mean – holding your head in despair challenging.

This unique property has been on the market, with and without buyers for about 3 years. If not sold after 2 years the Council Tax is payable and it doubles. We’re now paying double council tax! One of the reasons so much time has passed is that a subsidiary of Cornwall Council agreed to buy the property then pulled out. That was irritating enough but the real problem has been the Land Registry. What a bunch of sloping shouldered, covid blaming, individually incompetent, indecisive, unprofessional, paperwork losing, shambolic, (restraint mode engaged) twits!

Anyway after some hard decisions about value we have a buyer. The extremely patient buyer is waiting, my brothers and I are waiting, the solicitors are waiting, whilst Cornwall Council are totally unhelpful and rubbing their hands in glee. Then finally there’s some development; we receive on the 12th April a message from Richard (executor brother) that reads "I’m expecting the Land Registry to finally agree the revised site plan this week" then just three days later after almost 3 years of what can only be described as prevarication we receive another message “ .......The land Registry have returned to us and advised that they would like an ordinance survey surveyor to visit the property to review the boundary position........”. Aaaaaagh! Is there an ombudsmen?

So far the Land Registry delays alone has cost us in Council Tax alone an excess of £2,000 let alone charges for electricity and water while the empty property has been forced through yet another winter.

Imagine if I wanted this money for private medical treatment. A modest house will realise a significant inheritance even if it has to be divided 5 ways. Together this absolute incompetence and state sanctioned greed could actually be killing me. This tectonic civil service speed may mean I’ll never receive my share of my inheritance. I might be dead.

Anyway, in the scheme of things, it’s now, for me, something that’s simply rumbling on in the background. I’ve got proper excitement looming.

On Sunday we're maxing out the covid rules for a 60th birthday party in our garden (it’s in our garden because it gives me the opportunity to retire to my bed for a snooze if the need occurs). Then a week later it’s Vicky's wedding to Tam.

The reception, for 15, is happening at the Motorhome. Catering by Pretty as a Picnic , photography by Lauren and the vintners are me and Tricia. The venue, seating, field and the all important toilet in the garden shed (singular so gentlemen, be careful with your aim) kindly provided by our campsite hosts, extra weather protection by Cal and general bonhomie and joie de vivre provided by the guests. Why are we having it at the Motorhome? Because it gives me the opportunity to retire to my bed for a snooze if the need occurs.

Then after the wedding I'm not rushing home for chemo. I'm having my first extra week of recovery. It’s a two edged sword fighting the physical battle between cancer and chemo. We know which one will win but thankfully at the moment the chemo team is still holding its own. However after 16 chemo sessions the chemo team needs some time out. Just a week but a full week of R&R. It’ll give me a bit of time to wrangle the iron horse.

R&R who needs it? I, no, WE bleddy well do!

Anyone for coffee? (I’ve thought of similar words to ‘for coffee’ when thinking of the Land Registry)

I thought you’d never ask.

Today, 10am with a cast of 1,000s . Ok, about a dozen.

Just click on the website front page or follow this link.

Meeting ID: 763 8459 6404

Passcode: kKU0US

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Have a great time at 60th and wedding Neil, huge highlights f in the next couple of weeks. X

Gefällt mir
20. Apr. 2021
Antwort an

I'm looking forward to it all happening. Hopefully more time with friends than sleeping.🎉😴

Gefällt mir
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