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It Never Rains but it Pours, Actually and Figuratively.

Written on Friday night.

I can only hope tomorrow’s better because today’s been pretty awful. To combat the misery each day I’m going for a bit of normality. Yesterday, as predicted, turned out to be yucky but Tricia and I tried for a bit of normality.

You may, or may not, know that Trago Mills (large out of town shopping emporium) sells reasonably good cooking pots and pans like Le Creuset, Circulon and Stellar. We need a largish frying pan that works on our new induction hob. So we decided to run the gauntlet and go. I was happy to drive. Off we went, masks in hand, cruising to Trago. We arrived at a carpark with loads of spaces. We conveniently parked up close to the entrance. Foolishly but unfortunately not unusually I had no means to pay for anything. No worries Tricia always keeps her plastic tucked into her phone case. Oh dear! Her phone, she remembered, was on charge at home. We didn’t get out of the car, we drove home. Perhaps not so normal.

Today we tried again. Let’s get out of the house and do something normal. We popped out to a nearby coffee shop, AJ's. I had means to pay as did Tricia, happy days. I had a coffee, Tricia had her normal exciting hot water and we had a great 40mins meeting 4 friends. We made our way home via the bakery for some fresh bread and delivered 2 birthday cards. That was enough. When we arrived home, in heavy rain, we discovered our gutters overflowing because the down pipe has become blocked with moss. A ladder job for someone, not me. While buying the bread Tricia also bought a pink Yum Yum bun for Lauren, a sugared Chelsea bun for herself and an iced Chelsea bun for me. More coffee and this time buns, yummy.

By this time I was pooped but I pushed on and managed to dismantle and reassemble a clock for the kitchen. I made this clock a few years ago with the facility to mount a different picture as a clock face whenever the mood takes me. Today the mood took me.

Then, as I felt the need to rest I exerted myself a little more and stuck the marzipan onto my Christmas cake. For anyone that wishes to know here’s the recipe for my last minute Christmas cake.

By the time all that was sorted and the place tidied up and cleaned down I was ready for a bit of lunch and bed. But no! Our neighbour arrived with a Christmas/get well card from his young daughters. Sweet. But then proceeded to discuss his planning application to extend his home. Now I’m getting tired and emotional. Bed, bed, my kingdom for a bed. Hell no, I was thwarted yet again. Abbi arrived for a conflab (meaningful conversation) with Lauren and Tricia. I should have hit the sack but I didn’t. Finally I dragged myself upstairs for my now late afternoon nap only to lie wide awake. Ok, I know, a bit of light TV. Aaagh! Something’s wrong with the TV. It never rains but it pours, actually and figuratively.

On a kind of historical note it wasn't until I left home that I discovered that English people had gutters and down pipes taking rainwater away from their roofs. Us Cornish people had launders and launder pipes. You learn something every day.

So here I am, Friday night, scribing away with a little smile on my face. Not a bad day, not a bad day at all. Still feeling crap though.

And in the morning I’ll attach a few pictures, remind you of the Boxing Day Walk Together and post this post.

Good night, sleep tight and mind the bed bugs don’t bite!

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