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It's back and it's bad

So today I've had the appointment I've been waiting for. Now I know so I can get organised. What I know is I'm soon going to start treatment to prolong my life but I'm afraid to say not cure the cancer that will, in the end, end it.

The operation I recently underwent while successful at the time did not get rid of the cancer near my spine and it has spread to my liver (too much to sort out with surgery). The only option is chemotherapy.

With any luck it'll give me a few years. But rest assured I won't be dying of old age. We're stunned.

We'll be telling our families tonight but as for you, dear reader, I've been advised to social distance not isolate. Our garden is big enough and at the moment I'm not an invalid so if you can put up with this miserable bastard we can put up with you.

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