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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Weren't we lucky with the weather? All week the forecast was for rain but on the day, apart from a few spots, we had a good, rain free day. What we didn't avoid was mud but we expected that.

As usual we had no idea how many to expect. We knew there were at least 8 of us but a further 14 were there on the day. Just great. 22 of us set off for a walk I had wanted to do since we started kayaking up the Lerryn River.

By my reckoning it was 4.49 miles. I had the best of times. For a few hours I was living my best life.

I had planned an early retreat. I knew I would be pooped. So, when we arrived back at our starting point, in Lerryn, we parted company, some ventured into the Ship Inn, some grabbed a coffee and cake from the café. I with Tricia and Emma, went home for lunch and the best relaxed afternoon although Emma was caught relaxing during the walk!

Thank you all for coming along. It was the best of times. The money raised for Bowel Cancer UK has grown yet again. I'm not sure by how much but your efforts along with money previously raised is now standing at, with gift aid added £3384.75.

If you send some of your photos to me I'll try to post some, but for now here's a selection of those I do have and a little video

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Today it's the return of the cancer carnival. At 12:20 I'm back at Hotel Headland to have my 5th of 13 chemotherapy sessions. It's crap but it's keeping me alive. An afternoon in hospital, 46 hours living with a pump dangling around my neck, a whole lot of pills to pop and at least a week of feeling crappy.

What's to look forward to this week? Plenty! A visit from my plumber this evening. Another lurch forward for the kitchen. The laminate is arriving today which means our worktops and splashbacks will be made next week. One of my brothers will be over during the weekend to get detailed measurements for said worktops. The lovely community nurse will call in on Sunday to disconnect my pump. On Monday the last kitchen unit arrives. My cousin is making a welcome visit during the week. I'll finish the electrical changes in the kitchen, fit the last two units; relocate the dishwasher, and no doubt a myriad of other little jobs.

Living my best Chemo life.

I've had some great suggestions for future walks. Pendower beach to Veryan, Hall Walk; from Fowey to Polruan, Luxulyan to Prideaux but I've opted for a flattish walk from Dunmere to Grogley Halt. Meeting at the Borough Arms just outside Bodmin. so a date for your diary Thursday the 12th November at 10am.

And don't forget. This isn't just any old walk this is a walk to raise a bit of money and awareness for the charity Bowel Cancer UK.

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Carol Baines
Carol Baines
Oct 30, 2020

Glad you all enjoyed a great walk. Mud, lovely squelchy mud!

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