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Just in case you were wondering.

Yippee, I almost have an appointment. I know it's going to be some time next Tuesday at The Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske). I'm happy about that but not happy about probably having a stick shoved up my hooter for a covid test. If I have to start a course of treatment fairly soon at least having an appointment next week means I have another week to prep.

Let me backtrack a little. The last time I had chemo I was seen by Dr Caroline Parnell. Her job is to sort out the course of treatment making her a medical oncologist.

Just in case you're struggling with the difference between cancer and oncology here's a quick lesson........ Oncology is the study of cancer. ... The field of oncology has three major areas: medical, surgical, and radiation. A medical oncologist treats cancer using chemotherapy or other medications, such as targeted therapy or immunotherapy. That's how Dr Parnell features in my life. Then there's the surgical oncologist who removes the tumour and nearby tissue during surgery. In my case Mr Widdison. I have no personal experience of a radiation oncologist, at least not yet.

Anyway, in preparation for the unknown (although I do know it's chemotherapy) I'm getting really busy. Tomorrow I'm zipping into Woodcut for 3 hours at 7am then nipping down to Truro with Tricia for her orthodontist appointment at 1:30pm then back home to collect the trailer before heading off to Eastcote near Ruislip in West London to collect a treadmill (see yesterday's post). But before I tell you about the treadmill I need to tell you about a jigsaw puzzle.

For my last chemotherapy my good friend Robin Partington of The Checkered Flag Cafe CORNWALLS FIRST CAFÉ & DIY COMMUNITY BIKE WORKSHOP gave me a jigsaw puzzle which Tricia has finally completed.................................

Probably my favourite jigsaw puzzle ever. Cancer has very few benefits.

The efforts I have recently made to lose weight, get fit and learn to swim (thank you Helen Welland at Better Leisure) has resulted in me being given a treadmill by my wonderful ex mother-in-law. Hence the trip to Eastcote where we'll stay the night and make an early start home on Thursday morning.

So ahead of me are a few busy days and I promised Lauren I would sort out my Instagram account tomorrow morning but damage control plugs take precedent over Instagram in this instance, (sorry Lauren but I do have some photos). (For damage control plugs go to

P.S. Spookily I think the jigsaw puzzle may have inspired me to learn to swim

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Lauren Beard
Lauren Beard
Aug 04, 2020

I’ll let you off this time 😉

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