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Lead role in a horror film

200 posts ago I had a small part in a horror film. I’ve now been promoted to lead character. It’s chilling. Every day I feel unwell and every day has a critical feel to it. My trip on Sunday on the River Fowey was great but a little sobering. Will this be the last time? I suppose some of my friends and family I may already have seen for the last time.

It’s even more important that I savour every day, after all soon, it’ll be my last. At least that’s how my mind is working this morning. Every day when I wake up I think “how's my feet today?” Every morning I’m slightly disappointed.

This weekend, however, Tricia and I are doing something we’ve never done before. Well that’s not strictly true, we have done it a few times before. It’s a long story but by accident, rather than by design, we're assuming the roles of Emmets. Yes, you heard it here! On Friday we're off to a place called Penvose Farm campsite, a mile or so inland from Watergate Bay. Friday evening, all day on Saturday and Sunday morning we’re being tourists. It’s got to be a good idea 1000s of people do it. If you have any worries, you needn’t, we're taking the motorhome and I’ll have a comfortable bed for whenever I need it. We did something similar last year. It was very successful. But we're not alone. We have Abbi, Cal, Louie, and Mila there to complete the adventure. The weather's looking pretty dry if not sunny for the whole time. Secretly I’ve been looking forward to it all along. A couple of days doing something different. Different noises, different smells a different adventure.

Soon enough my health will become the overriding factor that will throw a spanner into the works but for the moment, at least, I'm still in charge. Or at least I like to think so. Let’s hope nothing conspires against us. The weather seems ok, the van has enough gas (although there’s an increasingly challenging issue regarding topping up the system), groceries, clothes and other essential paraphernalia will be loaded today and the motorhome windscreen has been mended. Cue the music. It’s gotta be Cliff.

It’s Thursday morning as I start writing this update. Hopefully I’ll post it later today. I’m off to Coffee in the County at 10am in Charlestown. I’ll strap my feet up tight and see how far I can walk. I’m thinking I’ll try around the harbour. Last time I found I could only walk a couple hundred yards (183m). I’m sure I’ve still got it in me to improve on that. Hopefully it’s all about the shoes.

Talking about shoes what shall I wear for a whole day on the Isles of Scilly? Because that’s what’s planned for the 28th June. Exciting or what?!! Watch this space. (I think a golf buggy may be involved).

In the meantime it’s a bit of business as usual. I’ve managed to mow the grass. I’ve even slid my bulk into the hot tub. What? Did I hear Bibendum?.

I’ve continued my junk selling activities (flight cases, table legs, circular saw blades and some industrial light fittings are my latest offerings). See I really am a collector of clutter.

Everything’s ticking along nicely.

Please Boris, let me have a proper birthday celebration. The present restrictions simply won’t do. Join me in crossing everything for the lifting of restrictions on the 21st June. You know it’s just an elaborate con anyway.

You believe it’s a con?.... give me strength. Like we all know the earth is flat, the moon landings were in Nevada and I've got indigestion!

Evening Now;-

On a less controversial note (OK the Earth might be flat) This morning, as I turned to ask Tricia if she wanted a drink at the coffee shop she had miraculously morphed into my brother Matt who should be in Walton on Thames. What a surprise!

And's all about the shoes

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