Rock Maze
  • Neil


So, if I said “I’d rather be cruising” you’d be thinking a big boat, over indulgence, a quick soulless visit to a Mediterranean town then leave with obligatory trinkets back to the big boat for more over indulgence.

But there’s other types of cruising:- we have already established it can be to take a holiday on a ship or boat following a predetermined course, usually calling in at several places. But it can also be to travel or move around a place slowly, typically in search of something. "a police car cruised past us", or a yacht sailing from or a motorhome chugging from place to place, or we're now cruising at 30,000ft, we even have cruise control in our cars to assist in our cruising.

But there's a definition of cruising that I was completely unaware of until now. If you have peripheral neuropathy like wot I have, then the symptoms can get bad even after the chemo has stopped, then it can enter a phase called cruising when it neither gets better or worse. I think I'm in the cruising stage. Then if you’re lucky, and many people are, the nerves start to repair themselves.

Interesting, possibly won’t happen to me but interesting nevertheless.

I’ve just experienced another significant change to my medication. I now understand that peripheral neuropathy also effects the speed at which the digestive system and intestines function which can cause constipation. This I can confirm. Now I'm aware of my condition I’m happier to deal with it. Torpedo and all!

On another medication note I’m back on steroids for a week so my nocturnal blogging has started again.

It’s Thursday morning at 5am. I probably won’t post this for a day or two. But the latest review of my birthday celebrations are looking like this.

Next Monday a few visitors, my cousins, and a couple of others are calling in the morning then on Tuesday morning it’s my regular zoom Coffee Club. On Wednesday (my birthday) it’s another bro and sister-in-law in the morning with our children and grandchildren tearing around the place in the evening. Thursday, off to meet for the roving coffee gang at 10am. I’m thinking Ba