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So, if I said “I’d rather be cruising” you’d be thinking a big boat, over indulgence, a quick soulless visit to a Mediterranean town then leave with obligatory trinkets back to the big boat for more over indulgence.

But there’s other types of cruising:- we have already established it can be to take a holiday on a ship or boat following a predetermined course, usually calling in at several places. But it can also be to travel or move around a place slowly, typically in search of something. "a police car cruised past us", or a yacht sailing from or a motorhome chugging from place to place, or we're now cruising at 30,000ft, we even have cruise control in our cars to assist in our cruising.

But there's a definition of cruising that I was completely unaware of until now. If you have peripheral neuropathy like wot I have, then the symptoms can get bad even after the chemo has stopped, then it can enter a phase called cruising when it neither gets better or worse. I think I'm in the cruising stage. Then if you’re lucky, and many people are, the nerves start to repair themselves.

Interesting, possibly won’t happen to me but interesting nevertheless.

I’ve just experienced another significant change to my medication. I now understand that peripheral neuropathy also effects the speed at which the digestive system and intestines function which can cause constipation. This I can confirm. Now I'm aware of my condition I’m happier to deal with it. Torpedo and all!

On another medication note I’m back on steroids for a week so my nocturnal blogging has started again.

It’s Thursday morning at 5am. I probably won’t post this for a day or two. But the latest review of my birthday celebrations are looking like this.

Next Monday a few visitors, my cousins, and a couple of others are calling in the morning then on Tuesday morning it’s my regular zoom Coffee Club. On Wednesday (my birthday) it’s another bro and sister-in-law in the morning with our children and grandchildren tearing around the place in the evening. Thursday, off to meet for the roving coffee gang at 10am. I’m thinking Bate’s Hotel, 25 Polmarth Close. We have the coffee pot and other DIY refreshments.

Then on Friday, early evening, we intend to have a mild open garden/house and the ceremonial tapping of the beer, Sluice Juice, for those of you that can’t make Saturday. Saturday’s the all day job. From 10am the coffee pot will be hot and the beer will be flowing throughout the day. Be mindful however I won't be flowing throughout the day. As far as guests are concerned all are welcome but we’re hoping for a “Slow Flow” until final carriages at 11pm. Still not managed to get here? Try Sunday morning, I’ll even make some fresh coffee.

If you need to be more precise, contact Tricia.

One of our friends recently asked if she could contribute to my blog. This is not without precedent. A few times when people have written particularly relevant things I’ve asked if I can do a bit of cutting and pasting. In her words she “doesn’t want to blow smoke up by arse” but would like the opportunity to respond in some appropriate way.

I have no clear idea of why I thought starting this blog was a good idea. I think my reasoning has developed and changed over the last 10 months but clearly I had, and still have, things to say. It’s a record for others. For all sorts of reasons people read these blogs and in different ways. I have occasional readers, avid readers, people who are motivated to read on because of the occasional pithy title. People who’s reading is triggered by the picture. There are readers who have read all 205 posts and readers who have recently discovered my blog.

How to I otherwise explain my new reader from Mexico, Central America not the Towans Beach, Helston. Perhaps it’s the Cornish Society there. Jam first!

But if just one person has found one nugget of benefit from somewhere within these words then I’m a satisfied chap.

The dominating reason for all these words is for me to help me. I better understand things if I write them down. This is a scary, confusing, finite path that I’ve found myself on and not only for me! If you want to walk with me for a while then I’m already holding my hand out. So far I’ve appreciated everything I’ve collected along the way. From the amazing flight above Cornwall (still buzzing thinking about it), and the loan of a Harley Davidson to a carved wooden heart and a knitted rainbow. Oh! And the socks don’t forget the socks.

I appreciate every meet for every coffee both virtual and real just as I appreciated all the walking we did when my feet hadn’t fallen out with the rest of my body. Every contribution is like grist to the mill for the gregarious person that I usually am.

So, can you contribute to my blog? Of course you can. And if you want to, you’ll find a way, much like I’m finding my way.

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John Gaudry
John Gaudry
Jun 25, 2021

Every word is a "pearl" of wisdom Neil 🙂

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