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New Kitchen and New Chemo

The sad thing is I'm happy to say I now have my chemo dates. A weird twist of fortunes. I’m happy to have my chemo dates!

I have a couple of small jobs in the kitchen to complete and the kitchen's finished. A sad day! It means my final, substantial, project is almost complete. No more projects. I'm packing away my tools, some I’ll never use again.

Suddenly my life is full of last times. Left unchecked this is a very miserable existence.

But there’s some first times as well and other times and more times. Looking for the positives is now my substantial project. All my girls are practical. They’ll have a go at most things. They might be losing their mentor but they’ll have a decent set of tools.

Tomorrow is the last walk before my next, horrible, chemo starts. It’s also the first walk I’m planning to finish in a pub. The table has been booked. Tomorrow is also Tricia’s birthday. Possibly the first birthday during one of our walks. It’s also the first time I’ll be doing this particular walk. Some people may be joining us for the first time. See, lots of firsts much better than lots of lasts. Maybe even a special first.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow's walk for a number of reasons

First it’s going to be nice weather. Second it’s a walk with friends. It’s also Tricia’s birthday and it’s another 5 mile tick in the box.

The next walk is likely to be a bit shorter because my chemo is a bit harsher. I’ll probably wait a bit before I decide where will be best but I have pencilled in Boxing Day.

On the subject of “pencilled in" my later chemo appointments are only pencilled in. Partly because this new chemo may not work or I may decide the pain’s not worth the gain. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The couple of small kitchen jobs were to replace the pink venetian blind with an orange one. Done. Touch up paintwork. Done.

Fit the final shelf. Done. Oh! And yesterday we decided to buy and fit another cutlery drawer. So today I did that as well.

We're now finally ready to start using our new shiny kitchen.

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