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New regime day 2 25/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

New regime day 2

Back in the day, my evening routine generally meant get busy until about 9pm. Then relax for a bit, turn on the telly, drink some wine (although the wine stopped on New Years Eve) then at around 11pm think about bed. Last night was turn the telly on again at 7pm sleep through some stuff, watch The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer. Look at the time at 9.15pm and think it's past my bedtime. How quickly things change. We also ordered some Stand Up To Cancer merch'.

Today is Wednesday the 25th March or my 24th report or 2nd day of lockdown but for me it's 5 days until I finish injecting myself with Fragmin, an anti clotting drug. Each evening an alarm sounds, I go into the kitchen, open my box of disposable, pre-loaded syringes, open one up then inject myself in my waist by grabbing a bit of my flab. Sometimes I feel very little, sometimes it hurts on the way in, sometimes it hurts when I press the plunger, sometimes it hurts when I pull it out and sometimes it just hurts. I'm looking forward to Sunday when, even if lockdown boredom is really beginning to set in, I'll be glad to end that particular activity.

Yesterday I took Tricia to Bodmin for her eye test which didn't happen. What a shame we didn't book a day earlier! Today we're off to Treliske for Tricia's appointment at the eye department. I'm expecting to be banished from the hospital (to the carpark) due to the new safety precautions. When Tricia comes out should we practise social distancing? If so, will she need to ride home in the boot? Then if she needs to self isolate should I send her to the shed? There I go again.......So many questions.

Yesterday we visited a fairly quiet Sainsburys in Bodmin (well I visited the carpark). Today we're going to chance our luck at Waitrose (car park for me) on the way back from Truro.

Oh the excitement!

N xx

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