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Sometimes my posts are fun, some are sad, some make me cry, some make you cry. Mostly it’s about the stuff that's whirling around my head. I’ll talk about the past and a little of the future.

When I’m in a bit of a pit I’ll use my post to dig myself out. Sometimes, foolishly, I’ll dig myself deeper in. I try to keep it topical, humorous occasionally even funny.

I try to let you know how I'm feeling both mentally and physically. You’ll be delighted to know that today I’ve woken up after a really good night’s sleep (aided by medication I have to confess). I hit the sack at 8pm and apart from a trip to the bathroom woke up at 5am. That's the sort of result I like.

This morning I’ve woken up feeling like the worst effects of my present chemo has passed and my mood is good.

So today I’ve decided to get something off my chest. .......

Wow! What a horrible few days. I’m struggling through my chemo and all around me are people bleating about their ruined Christmas.

What strikes me is this. Some people are only happy when there's someone to blame. Well it seems that we can all take responsibility for the mess we're in. This morning, at 6am, given the momentous news regarding lock down and tier 4 affecting millions of people nationwide, Christmas being reduced to one day, everybody’s plans being scuppered, the new virus variant being 70% more transmissible, almost 500 more people dying of Covid yesterday, I was slightly shocked to hear, on the BBC news this morning, that the most viewed item on the BBC News website was the Strictly results.

With over 20% of the population still willing to ignore national rules, a whole load of people deciding to deny the very best worldwide science, the conspiracy theorists feeling hard done by, the people that, despite the whole scientific community investing billions in developing antiviral medication, still know better. I despair.

We’re all hopefully having the opportunity for a vaccine of some sort soon. It won’t be long before the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine becomes available. It's still predicted before the end of the year. For most of you Christmas 2021 will be an extra special one. You can all pull the stops out. Some of you will do Christmas at Easter. Or you can all make up for it in the Summer!

Just don’t bleat to me! Frankly I couldn't give a monkeys. At our household we'll have a quiet Christmas this year, just one day, like the rules say.

And next year, you can provide the festivities,

I’ll provide the empty chair.

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