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Peristalsis and Pictures.

Here I am again tapping away in the night. I’m having a few restless, sleepless nights. My mind is racing and I’ve thought of lots to say. Don’t worry I’ll try to stick to the knitting.

When I first met Tricia again, after about 25 years, we took our relationship cautiously because we both had children. But I’m going to talk about our greater families. Both of us have siblings, both of us have never fallen out with any of our respective brothers, in my case and sisters in Tricia's. I see all my brothers reasonably frequently, we all get on reasonably well, we’re all pretty reasonable people. We all have families and now 3 of us are grandparents. But we are rarely all in the same place at the same time. When I was about 6 I know we were all together because I have a faded picture in the shed, taken in 1963, as material evidence. Again 38 years later we were all in the same place at the same time, I have another faded picture as proof. In both of these pictures we're in the same position on a large sofa.

So I got to thinking. While there’s still 5 brothers it’s about time we had another photo. I’ve got the sofa but I’ve been trying, for about a year to no avail....... still no photo.

Let’s compare and contrast that with Tricia’s lot. The 3 sisters (Don’t mention Macbeth) get together at the drop of a hat. Just about every birthday. Not only them but their husbands, children, childrens respective spouses and partners and their children. Are you following me? I count 20. There’s at least one chaotic day a year on the 27th December where we eat, drink, play games, open our secret Santa presents and compete in at least one challenge boys against girls. The boys are usually victorious. (Authors prerogative).

I wonder if I’ll ever get that photograph?

Ho hum, I’ve got other things to think about. One thing exercising my mind at the moment is my lack of project. I like something to get my teeth into. (Note to self, book a check-up). Yesterday Tricia and I met with our long time friend Carol who by happenstance is also a celebrant. Carol is happy to take on our commission, my departure event. It’s a very peculiar thing being a part of the planning of your own send off but I need a project. I reckon I’ve got myself one! This project has already started. Venue sorted? Check. Celebrant sorted? Check. But because it’ll not be a religious affair a bit of teamwork is required, not much, just a bit. We need 3, 4 maybe 5 people to say something, read something, maybe even do something. It needn’t be ribald just something that includes a chuckle. Any takers? I’ve got one or two of you in mind, I’ll be calling on you!

Enough of that subject for the moment.

Let’s cheer up proceedings with a coffee. I'm continuing to get back to reasonable health. My peristalsis seems to be working fine. I’ve even been prescribed something that may, just may, help with my painful extremities. Let’s return to Charlestown for coffee and maybe cake, who cares.

Next Thursday the forecast is looking pretty good. Coffee by the roundabout at 10am?

Good! Perhaps we’ll get a photo as well.

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