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Ruislip calling!

We're spending the night in Ruislip ready to load the treadmill. After some deliberation I decided to bring up the trailer which is just as well as we're off to Walton on Thames to collect an exercise bike in the morning before heading back home. However this treadmill is bloody heavy and won't fit through the side gate (originally it came through the garden fence from next door, not an option this time) so, as its not a folding one, I'll be doing a crash course in treadmill dis-assembly at 6am. The exercise bike sounds like it's been assembled incorrectly so a crash course in exercise bike di-assenbly as well. Perhaps there's an opportunity here in sports equipment repair. There'll be plenty of second hand gym equipment coming onto the market soon.

On the way here we stopped off at the services near Bristol (Gordano). Now here's a thing. Is Gordano pronounced .....Gor-dane-oh ......or .......Gord-ann-oh?. Not that it really matters.

There's people in tbe services wearing masks, the majority. I can almost understand that people popping in to use the felicities might have forgotten their masks in their desparation but not wearing a mask and mooching around the shop. It's beyond the pale.

It's now 6am. I'm getting started on the dis-assembly. Will let you know how I get on later.

Some time later......... Dis-assembly not required. Carefully manoevered said item through the house (cream carpet, be careful).

Now we're here sitting in the garden at Walton on Thames. Loaded and ready to go. Back in Cornwall before anyone noticed.

Then back to kitting out our Polmarth Gym. More to follow.

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