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See ya kids!

It's 19th January 2022. After a long and heroic battle with cancer, Neil David Bate left us at 2:30pm.

Neil was very calm, very peaceful and in no pain. He was with his loving wife Tricia and 2 girls Abbi and I in his last moments.

How I'm writing this blog is beyond me but he would want you to all be updated and this is the best way to spread the word. It seems like news travels fast since we have already received a lot of lovely heartfelt messages. Thank you for all your support to the whole family. Lots of love right back.

We will be having a celebration of Neil at the Eden Project in due course and we need your help.

I've created a playlist on Spotify which we'd love you to add songs to which remind you of Neil.

If you can't work out how, please comment your song for me to add for you. We will play these songs at Neil's Celebration.

Feel free to have a listen tonight and think of Neil. Keep smiling. Have a drink. And be safe in the knowledge Neil's at peace. Mum, Ab and I have already opened the Champagne...maybe that's how I'm writing this...

We'd also love your photos. Please send those directly to me (Lauren) via facebook messenger or email or however you can, so that we can showcase the best of Neil on the day! My email address is

Details of the event will come as soon as we have a date.

You may not have met Neil but through reading his blog you will have realised he was an incredible man with a wicked sense of humour and a massive heart. 'Well now you know.'

Mum wrote a message to Neil on a cute Panda card. I think you'll all agree she nailed it.

'My hero Neil....

Once in a while someone very special comes along and makes the world a little more wonderful :)

And that's

YOU :) xxx'

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Sending love and strength to you all for your huge loss

Neil will be missed by many

I hope you can find strength in pain x💔


John Gaudry
John Gaudry
Jan 22, 2022

Sending condolences and hugs Tricia, Abbi & Lauren. Neil is certainly one of a kind and will be sadly missed by all who knew him. 😥🫂


Jan 20, 2022

Sending so much love to Trish and the family, Neil was such a beautiful human and I will cherish all the giggles we had. I’m glad his passing was painless and he had his loving family around him. He will be sorely missed ❤️


As the sun rose on another day I got this sad news. My thoughts go out to all of you. Neil, here's wishing you peace at last dear friend after a long and difficult journey. Au revoir, you brave, wonderful man. See you in Eden....... 💜 Phil x


Ros Hodges
Ros Hodges
Jan 20, 2022

Just so sad, thinking of you all and the brave fight you've all had. Love and Big hugs to all who will miss Neil daily but especially Trisha, Lauren and Abi. xxxx

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