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Short and Sweet, Like a Donkey's Gallop.

I’ve been quiet on the social media front lately. When you're not too well to start with any little thing does you in. The last week has been a bit of a struggle. Sleep evades me at night then punishes me during the day. So I prioritise my days according towards what little I can manage. On Wednesday at 6.30pm Dr Grey, my GP, came to visit. We had a good review of my medication. He suggested we increase some and explained why I shouldn’t worry about addiction or long term side effects, I think I knew that already. We chatted about the new Bond film and a few other non medical topics until it was time for him to collect his kids from rugby practice. Yesterday I had my third jab. The side effects could be a bit like flu......Oh! joy.

On another tangent completely, I know the jobs around the house I’ve been putting to one side. I used to look at the jobs and think “One day......” I’m now thinking I’ve got a post to write “One day.....” I'm OK with the fact that those particular “one days” won’t now come. Not for me anyway.

A year ago we walked from Crantock around the river Gannel and back to Crantock, about 5 miles, raising a whole stack of money for bowel cancer UK. Could I do that now? No, not at all. How far can I walk? About 500 yards, probably less.

So, a short blog, days in the writing and still a disappointment. Must try harder.

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