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Snooze and pooze

Today dear friends has diverged from the expected but first let me appraise you of yesterday's happenings.

Had a chilled morning best described as fiddling around with the room that has yet to become a kitchen. A light pre-lunch before seeing my consultant Dr Parnell. This time I have a little list of questions. The appointment went as expected except the timing of my blood tests. I was under the impression that I needed my bloods done 7 days before my chemo day. She would prefer them done a day before. Now that's excellent news. Unless something untoward occurs my fortnightly cycle starts on a Friday for chemo, Saturday and Sunday I'm connected to my pump. Sunday pump off then nothing for 10 whole days until the Thursday when I have to have a blood test. Then the cycle starts again. Happy Days!

So on to my list of questions.

The first item, can she sign my ESA health questionnaire.

Her response was "of course, leave it with me. I'll get it posted as well"

Second item on the agenda. Is it ok to have a flu jab? Her response" no problem but have it as soon as possible after your chemo day after, otherwise my chemo will compromise it's efficacy".

Third item, What are the pills Levomepromazine for?

"Oh! Those! Well the fact is we give them to all the nutters"

Actually they're to help me sleep. Hmmmm not working. So I need to take them last thing at night.

(Nutters have completely different meds)

Fourth item, I have this little rash near my plug and play unit.

Response. "It's probably nothing to be concerned about. But just to be on the safe side I'll talk to Dr Llewellyn in the vascular access team. He may suggest antibiotics. Are you allergic to penicillin?" (I don't think so).

So I went off to be weighed and provide more bloods after which I needed to see Dr Llewellyn across the hospital. I was happy to have a stroll. He said "It's probably nothing to be concerned about. But just to be on the safe side I suggest, as a precaution, some antibiotics. Are you allergic to penicillin? (I don't think so) You need to go back to Dr Parnell for a prescription". So back across the hospital to get a prescription. I was happy to have a stroll. I met yet another Doctor she had a quick chat, "Are you allergic to penicillin? (I don't think so). She gave me my prescription and sent me off to the pharmacy. Back across the hospital I went. I was happy to have a stroll. Waited 10 minutes for my prescription. The pharmacist said to me (Are you allergic to penicillin? (I don't think so). I was finally free to go home. Through all this Tricia was patiently waiting for me in an increasingly cold car. I rushed off to meet her. By now it was raining. I was unhappy to have a stroll. Home for a rather late post-lunch snack and a snooze.

We had dinner with our friends K & A. Yummy and home to bed.

So to today. I arrived at the Headland Unit in cool socks but feeling dreadful, really dreadful. I only just made it to the facilities for my third explosive event of the morning. Not good. I was called through to the unit. Where feeling sick, wobbly and with stomach cramps. I was ushered into a side room. The Doctor on duty came to see me. Wanted a sample of my next explosive event but advised my treatment to commence. Still in the side room the bed was made up and I waited.......Not long. The sample was duly provided. Ok let's get started. I was monitored for an hour to see if I got a bit better. The nurses arrived to get my chemo started but before they got their hands on me I was horribly sick. The duty Doctor was called again. This time I was attached to a drip for an hour to replace some fluids. "We'll monitor you while the drip is on to see how you feel.

I feel fine now.

My chemo has just finished for the day. I'll be heading home soon.

Am I allergic to penicillin? (I might be).


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Emma Matthews
Emma Matthews
Oct 02, 2020

Neil! 😱 That sounds like a nightmare! Take it easy now xxxx

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