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The School Run and a Grand Day Out.

This morning it's the ICNC Coffee Club inaugural zoom event. Something different for me and maybe something different for you. I have no agenda just an idea. But like all "crib times" the conversation should flow.

This week I endure my 6th Chemo day but actually every day is a chemo day. I have my good days and bad days. During my fortnightly cycle I'm at my best on the few days before my trip back to RCH Treliske. But the real Litmus test is when I think of how I felt just a couple of months ago. Think of those days you had to make the decision to drag yourself to work although you really didn't want to because you just felt too ill. In August (if I wasn't furloughed) a really rotten day was probably the equivalent of what is now one of my good days. My new normal is so very different from my old normal I have almost forgotten what it used to feel like when feeling well was every day rather than just a few days a month. It's interesting how quickly I seem to have adapted to this new life.

The last few days have been a fascinating distraction. An American election debacle that has soaked up far too much of my time but it provided some much needed night time viewing. At least the Americans seem to have come to their senses. And today a flicker of light at the end of the covid tunnel. The best I can hope for is a bit more freedom at the end of my treatment.

First thing tomorrow we commence our new child care duties. First I'm doing the school run with Louie and the pleasure of the company of Mila (3 years, 2 days) for the day. So I'll have at least one person joining me for coffee. If you want to join me and Mila you need to do the following Zoom thing.

Meeting ID: 955 027 2972

Passcode: 9RktZt

The weather's looking good for our walk on Thursday. Not that it matters too much because you can't join me. I suppose you could do the walk at a similar time, that's entirely up to you. If you're at all curious here's the walk details.

It's a big day for me tomorrow. I have a job for the morning delivering furniture components to a company in Newton Abbot. I think I'll treat it as "Neil and Tricia's Grand Day Out" and take our crib with us.

As I write this update, the total money raised by Emma and I now stands at £2993.50 with a further £610 gift aid.

Just a few quid more and we break the 3k donation barrier. I'll soon have a celebratory cup of tea.

Chin chin

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Juliet French
Juliet French
10 nov. 2020

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